International/Financial/Institutions International Financial Groups, International Financial Services Institutions, International
Finance Services Enterprises
Banking Systems Domestic Commercial Banks, Foreign-Funded Banks, Urban Commercial Banks, Rural
Commercial Banks
Insurance/ Cards/ Coupons Securities Exchange, Chinese and Foreign Insurance Companies, Securities Companies, Fund
Companies, Trust and Investment Companies, Futures Companies
Private Placement/ Fund Fund Management Companies, Fund Channel Sales Companies, Fund Services Companies,
Private Placement Fund Companies, Foreign Exchange Financial Institutions,
Investment Companies, Investment Consulting Companies
Financial Services/Institutions/The Third Party Financial Institutions Guarantee Companies, Finance Houses, Finance Companies, Precious Metal Finance Companies,
Finance Training Institutions, Finance and Investment Consulting Services Agencies,
Finance Software, Finance Training, Legal Consulting Institutions, Financial Equipment,
Finance Media and Finance Tools, etc.
Overseas Investment Investment Immigrantion, Real Estate Investment, Foreign Exchange Investment.